Bring an Idea, and We'll Learn How to Build a Story Around Your Strategy. Together.

Bring an Idea, and We'll Learn How to Build a Story Around Your Strategy. Together.

The Info Play Masterclass is an active, guided journey where you will practice and learn how to build the clarity and strength you'll need to build your ideas in reality.

Who is the Masterclass for?

Who is this Masterclass for?

Knowledge Workers

Learn a powerful new process for clearly communicating your ideas and strategies.

Entrepreneurs + Startups

Build a powerful pitch presentation based in strategic structure to make your business ideas stronger, and create the connected reasoning for vibrant conversation and collaboration.

Creatives, Product Owners and Managers

Level up your communication planning and idea development abilities. Create vivid and honest stories of your insights to build support for your ideas.

Consultants, Strategists

Practice a new level of clarity and simplicity - building stronger stories and better conversations along the way.

The Info Play Masterclass is for anyone who wants to present their ideas clearly.

61 Lessons + Almost 5 hrs of Instruction, 25 Exercises and Pitch Playbooks

Create a clear and powerful presentation of your idea and build support as you go. Part model, part process - and all easy.

What's Inside?

Simple, Powerful Process for Creating Speakable Story and Strategy

Follow along with each exercise and lesson to build up text and visual content you will need to pitch your own big ideas.

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Clear Communication is Critical

Clear Communication is Critical

Clear Communication is Critical

“Leaders who communicate often and openly build a strong foundation for connection.”

What's in the Masterclass?

What's Inside?

Simple Pitch Dev Process + Video Walkthroughs

Follow a step-by-step guide to build a story and a strategy for your big ideas.

20 Hands-On Exercises for Idea Development

Get out the sticky notes and whiteboard to win support across your idea's pitch journey.

Meeting Playbooks for Preparing Pitches

Evolve your presentation from Show and Tell, to Generate Ideas, Get Feedback and Pitch!

Proven Framework for Building Strategy + Story

Learn and apply the power of story to earn and build interest in your ideas.

Formulas for Building Natural, Speakable Words

A unique approach to content-building yields a presentation you can deliver confidently.

Visual Systems for Layouts + Designs

You don't have to be a designer. Easy layout secrets for great slides and content.

Community + Platform for Discussion, Leveling Up

Access the Masterclass and all the support you'll need in an easy-to-use online platform.

19 Books, Frameworks + Tools for Going Deeper

You will get a how-to, a background and link to every reference, citation, model and system used in the training.

Guides for Leading Discussion, Conversation

Pitching Big Ideas is more than a good talk. Build conversation and discussion into your pitch to build support - not just approval.

Presentation Skills More
in Demand Now Than Ever

“Effective communications skills are a powerful career activator.”

Get Started Right Now
Jump in and start building up the most powerful
presentation you've ever created.

Easy to Use Platform for Access + Bonus Content

The price of the "Info Play Masterclass: Presenting Big Ideas" includes access to supplemental content, guides, and access to the Info Play community of like-minded presenters.

Join a Community of Presenters

Join a Community of Presenters

Join a Community of Presenters

Discuss exercises, share slides and stay on top of new resources and ideas - all included as part of your Masterclass journey.

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

If our course and materials don't resonate with you, no worries. Just shoot us an email within 30 days of your purchase, and we'll gladly give you a full refund. No hard feelings.

To request your refund, please email us at We value every piece of feedback and would love to hear any suggestions you might have.

Tim Richards

Creator, Info Play

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Launch Promotion $50 OFF

Almost 5 hrs of Video Instruction

14 Chapters

61 Lessons

15 Exercises

Info Play Masterclass
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Use Coupon Code MONOMYTH for $50 OFF

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Hi. I'm Tim Richards.

I am the co-founder of Info Play and the creator of the Info Play Masterclass. Looking forward to seeing you in our community!

I’ve worked as a Creative Technologist, UX Lead, Strategist, Planning Director, Head of Publishing, Head of Design, Moderator - as an employee, as an advisor, and as a consultant - over the last 20-something years - for some of the greatest brands and agencies in the world.